Artist Showcase: Ryan Balogh

Ryan Balogh is an amazing photographer. I met him on a gaming forum and he was very eager to do this showcase with me. He also has some poetry and short stories that you should check out on his deviantART account.

First off, I would like to thank you for letting me conduct this interview. Please tell me a bit about yourself.

No problem I’m really excited about doing this actually. Well… hmm there isn’t too much to tell, but I’ll try. Well first off my name is Ryan… I live in Illinois near Chicago. And I’m only fifteen years old… sixteen in a couple months.

What or who would you say inspires you?

My photography teacher in high school has always been a great inspiration to me. He creates great works that I really admire. I guess I also admire other art students at my school because they just seem to be so good and so talented; however there are a few who seem to think that they’re way too good for anyone else…. But yeah there are definitely some great minds out there that I see every day that really get to me and make me want to become a better artist.

How did you get into creating your artwork?

I was drawing ever since I was a kid. Drawing had been my first form of expression and I loved to do it. I’m not popular, I’m not good at sports, and I’m the quiet, scrawny kid who sits in the back of the so art has always been a great way of self expressing for me. After drawing I started to write and then I soon started to take pictures. Things just progressed from there. I fueled myself on green tea and inspiration from the things around me. My travels in art have been great and I hope that they continue as well. There is still a lot of time in this world and I want to make the most of it with the art I create.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future eh? Well I’m conflicted actually…. I like to draw, take pictures, and write, so I have no idea if I want to become an illustrator or a photographer or a writer…. I hope to be able to make something though, something that people will recognize and say: “Wow… that’s great”, something that is universally understood and appreciated it. That’s my goal for my art…. As for me just myself… well I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and get married… that’s on my list too.

Have any inspiring words for any young upcoming artists out there?

Haha I’m still really young I dunno if I can give any advice…. Well just try and find something that you love, that you really like to do and be one with it. Love it, ya know? Find a way to get your dreams realized. Remember what Yoda said: “Try not, do or do not”, man I’m such a nerd….

Thank You.

Ryan out!


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