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I just joined! It is a website that allows you to put any one of your designs or images on a t-shirt. The user flyingdisc told me about this website so I decided to give it a shot. I put one of my designs on a shirt and now it is for sale. The design is an urban style design that says NYC. Go to this link to see a larger view of the shirt and buy it because you like it so much.

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I am starting up a t-shirt design company called Novus Clothing. I want to stop using an iron as a way to get my designs on my shirts. It would be awesome if anyone wants to maybe help me start this thing or partner with me on it. I will have actual t-shirt designs on the site in a couple months so check back.

Aesop Rock is an incredible lyricist. Its a shame that so many people don’t get to listen to his music because they are listening to shitty MTV Hip Hop. In every song of his one or two of the lines just stick into my head and I gradually get more and more amazed of how completely awesome his music is. Here are some quotes that I picked out from his songs that are just like “Whoa.” Most of you will probably never really end up liking this or even reading all of it, but thats because you listen to Soulja Boy.

“If you never had a day a snow cone couldn’t fix
you wouldn’t relate to the rogue vocoder blitz”

“Put one up shackle me, not clean logic procreation
I did not invent the wheel I was the crooked spoke adjacent”

“Must not sleep must warn others
Trust blocks creep where the dust storm hovers”

“Smores over warm helvetica brown proper
For the odd God or monster, proper to teleprompter”

“I’ll take my seat atop the Brooklyn Bridge
With a Coke and a bag of chips
To watch a thousand lemmings plummet just because
The first one slipped”

“Someday you’ll all eat out of my cold hand
Cuz every dog has its day
At which point, I’ll pull it away”

“I’m trying to see the future in a tea cup and a saucer
But I rather be drinking coffee with my cigarette foster”

“Fumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen, Pour myself a cup of ambition and, Yawn and stretch and my life is a mess and If I never make it home today, God bless”

“…And i’ve always been a 40 night chronologic hostage”

“…ten thousand hackers deep in a movement
Thats 20,000 crucial ruby heels clicking in unison”

“I’m Mozart with a focus on the tide
Hiding the inconsistencies of man behind water and wine”

“holy smokes father black suit white collar
kiddie porn dungeon guns and 3 fingers for your daughters cunt belly up
antique nazi pariphinelia
cannot pay your bills with holy water and hail mary luck”

“And I’m sleeping now (Wow!) And the settlers laugh
You won’t be laughing when your covered wagons crash
You won’t be laughing when the buses drag your brother’s flags
into rags
You won’t be laughing when your front lawn is spangled with
You won’t be laughing!”

“Yeah I call him God, he calls me Jesus
When I lost my religion, he fell to pieces”

“..while biggest brother’s watching bigger brother watching big brother watch you”


“if the jesus piece around your neck is bigger than your pistol
it makes homicide okey dokey and your god will forgive you
just show the saints at heaven’s gate you should be on the list
i hear he overlooks manslaughter for a tatooed crucifix”

I will try to interpret that last quote. Aesop is pointing out the hipocracy of people who say they are religious but don’t live a religious life at all. He illustrates this by saying that if you wear a cross around your neck or have a crucifix tattoo, most people think that God will overlook your sins. Fuckin Brilliant!

Aesop Rock is a genius

I did a lot of graphic design work last year at a vocational school I attended. I enjoyed doing this work because I actually knew what I was working toward. When doing personal work, you just kind of wing it and improvise as you go along, not knowing what the end product should look like. That gets kind of annoying sometimes. I will be posting these designs periodically, so check back each week to see whats new.

PSP Explosion
PSP Poster

This is a poster I created for a video game assignment. I originally used a black PSP and different silhouette characters but I accidentally scaled down the image size of the project and screwed the whole thing up. I had to start over from scratch and made this. It turned out way better than what I had before. Click on my Flickr photos to see this in a larger size.