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Great Advice on furthering your talent and staying original.


Here are two digital artists. Each has their own unique style that I know that everyone will love.


Nawlz Interactive Site

Nawlz Interactive Site

Stu Campbell A.K.A. “Sutu” will blow your mind with his interactive “comic book style” website, Nawlz. Each futuristic element in his designs will kick you in the shins and force your cerebral cortex to blow out the back of your skull. Also, the interactive interface and plot doesn’t hurt either. Unfortunately, Stu has taken a break from his art to work on Military HUD designs, so other than Nawlz, chances are you won’t find his stuff anywhere else.

Russ Mills

Russ Mills is a digital artist from the UK. I can just see Russ sitting in his room and with one splat of a paint brush, his masterpieces are born. This is not the case. He scans separate drawings and textures and then puts it all together on his computer. Amazing Stuff! Check it out!

• You cringe whenever you see an ad using the Papyrus Font.

• Whenever you spot an attractive design, you try to figure out how and with what program it was made.

• You can name most fonts you see on billboards and advertisements.

• Most of your time online is spent searching for freebie brushes or textures.

• You educate your friends on why Comic Sans is utterly ridiculous, but you know they will never really understand.

• You are more scared of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome than death.

• Mac > PC

• Steve Jobs > God

• A cluttered desktop is a cluttered life.

• You can recite Lorem Ipsum.

• You can translate Lorem Ipsum to English.

• Bevel and Emboss is one effect that you will NEVER use.

• You shake your head in disgust when you see someone use the drop down menu and click Undo instead of typing Cmd+Z.

Lomo is a special effect that was popular when film cameras were more prominent. The effect is achieved by cross-processing. Cross-processing is when develop your film in a chemical that was not made for that type of film, but for another.

For us modern beings who do not use film cameras anymore, there is another way of achieving this effect. PHOTOSHOP.

Here is a tutorial on how to do what I did.

For a larger image, click on my flick photos to the right.

first attempt

first attempt