You know you are a hardcore graphic designer when…

• You cringe whenever you see an ad using the Papyrus Font.

• Whenever you spot an attractive design, you try to figure out how and with what program it was made.

• You can name most fonts you see on billboards and advertisements.

• Most of your time online is spent searching for freebie brushes or textures.

• You educate your friends on why Comic Sans is utterly ridiculous, but you know they will never really understand.

• You are more scared of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome than death.

• Mac > PC

• Steve Jobs > God

• A cluttered desktop is a cluttered life.

• You can recite Lorem Ipsum.

• You can translate Lorem Ipsum to English.

• Bevel and Emboss is one effect that you will NEVER use.

• You shake your head in disgust when you see someone use the drop down menu and click Undo instead of typing Cmd+Z.

  1. ryan said:

    haha. so true.

    We constantly talk shit on papyrus!

    Did you make this list?

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