The Creation of Barack

Created this for my american government class. The assignment was to create a traditional political advertisement..I kind of strayed away from the traditional aspect. This can be viewed from both sides of the political fence, which is what I was aiming for. From a republican standpoint, this could be very tongue-in-cheek; referring to all the godly hype surrounding Obama. On the other hand, as a democrat, people could view this as like the text suggests. That Obama being the first African-American president, is keeping Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of equality between races alive. I just wanted to make people think with this one.

  1. Jesse said:

    not to mention “General Barak” from Biblical Armageddon

    lol. funny graphic though.

  2. ryan said:

    I like this…I love the idea of the duality, the fact that you’re commenting on/reacting to stereotypes and assaults on stereotypes. I hope you fucking got an A.

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