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Minimal Building Vectors

Created some vectors in Illustrator for you to use in your designs. Follow this link to download them.


In July of 2001, P2P filesharing giant Napster was shutdown after many lawsuits (most popular being the Metallica lawsuit). The same is happening to many torrent sharing sites such as Pirate Bay and I fear that in a few years torrents will be nothing but a piece of internet past.

The eradication of Napster can be explained in a few simple words: ease of use. Curious music enthusiasts could go to the Napster website, download and run the program and the damage would already be done. Several keystrokes and one click of the search button would be all one needed to do in order to illegally download a song.

Unlike Napster, KaZaA, and Limewire, torrents are a little harder to obtain. A combination of steps are needed in order to download a torrent file. You must first download a torrent application such as BitTorrent. Many are confused by what to do next. They think that you use the program to find the torrent and thats all, but this is not the case. One must then choose a torrent site like torrentspy or bushtorrents, search for a file with the right amount of seeds and leechers, and then open the torrent file using the program.

I hope to God that no one develops a torrent program with an easy to use interface and search bar like Napster. This will lead to the simplification of torrent downloading, thus getting the word out about torrents, increasing their popularity, and eventually killing torrent files forever…

Created a new masthead as you see above. It might take a little while to load (I tried to make it as small as possible). Yes that is my face up there. Also renamed my blog to Moblongata. The URL is still though. I am working on an official website created completely by myself without the help of wordpress. Stay tuned.