graphic design

Hey there! Haven’t posted in like a year…

Check out this vector portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat I recently created!

Took me a day or two to finish this. Lately I have been really interested in this artist who died back in the ’80s after an early career filled with fame and fortune. I advise you to check out the 2010 documentary on him called The Radiant Child. You don’t have to be really big into art to enjoy the film, as it more deals with the artists interesting and dramatic life.

This past year has been pretty crazy..I have been loaded with work from my two jobs and college. Yet one thing that has kept me grounded with the graphic design world has been my Bear Pong T-shirts.  I got the tees printed from my friends at Real Thread. I printed a run of them on Black Tultex tees using waterbased inks. Buy it at my etsy shop!